Equipment needed:

Fondant mixed with tylose/cellogen
Egg Carton
"Fluff" / teddy bear stuffing
Frangipani cutter
Rolling pin
Balling tool
Cornflour for dusting
Glue/cellogen & paintbrush
Colour /chalks

Step 1

Roll out fondant fairly thin - not too thin, not too thick... if unsure, look at a real flower petal and work from there.

Cut out 5 petals from one of the cutters (all the same size).

Step 2

Place petals on foam and with balling tool roll from the edge to the middle to make the petals "cup" shaped - do not over-ball.

Step 3

Once all petals are balled, place on top of each other in a fan shape.  Glue each petal in place as you lay it down by putting a thin brush of glue on the right hand edge of the petal at the base (only the base) -- do not over glue as they will become a sticky gooey mess.

Step 4

Once all petals are lined up roll like a swiss roll - gently rolling the first petal to reach the last petal.

Roll petals into a small tube... with the end it should represent a simple spiral... all petals will be glued together at the base.  Give them a little twist... be gentle or it may twist off.
Picture is a little blurry, but with the partly finished petal you can see the slight twist at the base.

Step 5

Place flowers in a "well" of fluff and place in the egg carton.  This will hold it in shape / place for you and will assist you to open up the petals.  Alternatively hold the flower in the fluff in your hand... it really is a case of which is more comfortable for you.

Step 6

Gently with your fingers carefully open up the flower... rolling around in a circular motion in the direction of the petals will slowly open up the flower... continue until you have a flower that you are happy with... some people like widely opened flowers, others prefer more closed up. 

Semi-finished flower... at this stage leave the flower in the egg carton to hold it's shape whilst it dries. 

Once dry... colour as desired.  For this tutorial I did a quick brush of chalk on the edges - look at natural frangipanis and you will find they come in an array of colours... there are some beautiful combinations.

If you need the flowers to be wired, it is possible.  I waited until the flowers were 100% dry and then inserted wires (after heating) into the base of the flowers.